Terms and Conditions

The website www.limawebfest.com (hereinafter, “The Portal”) is owned by DESARROLLO EDUCATIVO S.A. (hereinafter, “LIMA WEB FEST”) through which different services are provided to our Users, as defined later. The access, participation, and use of the Portal is regulated by the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy included below; and they are understood as known and accepted by the Portal User. User will be understood as such person that accesses, participates, registers or uses the Portal (hereinafter, the “User”); and this implies their full and unconditional adherence to the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy stated herein. If at any moment, the User does not partially or fully agree to these Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy, they should immediately refrain from using the Portal in any of their parts or sections, otherwise any use of such will be assumed as the User’s full acceptance to the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy on their own full responsibility.

Given the biding nature of the Terms and Conditions, the User is the sole responsible to review the terms in force at any given time.
LIMA WEB FEST reserves the right to make modifications to these Terms and Conditions at any given time, for example, to adjust it to changes in the law or regulations, or changes in the features or services offered through the Portal. Likewise, they will be able to make changes to the contents posted in the Portal as well as the Portal as such, without the need to inform about this to the Users.

1. Information contained in The Portal

1.1 Content property of the Portal – Copyright

This website and its content are property of LIMA WEB FEST, holder of the copyrights and intellectual property of the text, audio and graphic content of this Portal, or holds the exploitation rights of such through agreements with third parties, who grant their use. The acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy does not imply in no case the User’s acquisition of the intellectual or industrial property rights related to the Portal or its content. LIMA WEB FEST does not license or authorize any use over the Portal and its content; therefore, the total or partial reproduction, translation, inclusion, transmission, storage or access by analogue, digital or any other system or technology created or to be created is forbidden without the previous and written authorization of LIMA WEB FEST. Every name, brand, logo, text, graphic, drawing, photograph, video, sound and in general, all content in this Portal is protected by intellectual property rights, as well as any other property right according to the applicable laws. The ownership of such rights lies on LIMA WEB FEST or third parties that by legal order or express authorization have conferred to LIMA WEB FEST the right to use or exploit such rights.

1.2. Database and information

By submitting this registry form, the User accepts and authorizes the treatment of their personal information and that the latter is incorporated to the LIMA WEB FEST database, their affiliates, subsidiaries and/or related companies according to the contents of the Privacy Policy. In any case, the User may, at any moment, request to withdraw their personal information in the LIMA WEB FEST’ database, its affiliates or subsidiaries, for which they must consider the contents of the Privacy Policy to exercise their rights as holders of the personal information.

1.3. Users’ contents

Taking into account that the User has the possibility to include in the Portal videos, photographs and/or images and/or texts and/or any other type of material owned by the User or a third party, it is expressly established that, by including the aforementioned in the Portal, the User will be considered as permanently granting LIMA WEB FEST a free, non-exclusive license to reproduce, adapt, compile, store and distribute the contents submitted by the User through this website, without the right to receive any later compensation, remuneration, pay or claim, whatever their nature or kind. LIMA WEB FEST may give any kind of use to this material, pursuant to the license for use thus granted. In that sense, the User acknowledges that LIMA WEB FEST may perform the reproduction and synchronization of the content posted in any format, known or to be known. Likewise, the public release or distribution of such content can be done through any media, existing or to be developed, including but not limited to: Internet, mobile downloads, free or paid television, Home Video, DVD, or others. Consequently, LIMA WEB FEST has full liberty to reproduce, distribute, set, publicly communicate, transform and do any negotiation, fully and without limitation regarding the property rights over any content uploaded or posted by any User of the Portal. LIMA WEB FEST may sublicense those contents to their affiliates, subsidiaries and/or related companies. The User guarantees that he/she is the author of the contents submitted, that he/she is not infringing copyrights and/or intellectual property rights and that they hold harmless LIMA WEB FEST and its sublicensees against any claim arose from its use. Likewise, the User undertakes not to upload any content with any material that if used by LIMA WEB FEST could produce any kind of damage and/or detriment to the latter, assuming full and sole responsibility and the obligation to compensate and hold LIMA WEB FEST harmless.

2. Terms of use and Participation in the Portal

2.1 Conditions of Use

The access to the Portal by the User is open and free of charge.

2.1.1. By entering the Portal and to guarantee the correct use of such, the User acknowledges the following rights of LIMA WEB FEST:
(i) The right to update, modify or delete at any time and for any reason without previous notice the information contained in this website and these terms and conditions, with the possibility of even limiting or denying access to such information;
(ii) The right to deny register to any person, at any time and for any reason.
(iii) The right to include or not in the Portal the material received from the users at its discretion. If included, such material may be kept in the Portal for as long as it is considered pertinent or it may be modified.
(Iv) To remove, without being mandatory, contents that according to LIMA WEB FEST are illegal, offensive, defamatory or that otherwise breach these Terms and Conditions. Likewise, such contents that infringe copyrights or intellectual property rights may be removed, whether from LIMA WEB FEST or a third party, upon their request.
(v) To use the personal information and/or contents submitted by the Users according to the Portal’s Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy.

2.1.2. The Portal has links to third party-websites that redirect to other websites.
The links to other websites different from the ones owned by LIMA WEB FEST are offered as a service to the readers. LIMA WEB FEST has not been involved in their production, therefore, they are not responsible for their content. If the User decides to access the third party-websites through the links, it is under their own risk and responsibility. By accessing the links or hyperlinks that redirect to third party websites and portals in the Internet, the User abandons the Portal and consequently submits to the usage and privacy rules of such websites and portals entered. LIMA WEB FEST does not check or verify how precise, adequate or thorough are such third party websites, apps, software or content, and will not be held liable for the websites accessed through the Portal nor the third party apps, software or contents posted in the Portal. Therefore, LIMA WEB FEST is not responsible for the availability and content of such websites and the User must address that website administrator directly and use them according to the respective terms of use regulating each one.
The inclusion of the link or hyperlink in the Portal does not imply an existing relationship between LIMA WEB FEST and the operator or owner thereof. Services offered by third parties
LIMA WEB FEST does not guarantee the legality, quality, reliability and utility of the services provided by third parties through the Portal or over which LIMA WEB FEST acts as a mere advertising channel.
Consequently, LIMA WEB FEST, its affiliates, subsidiaries and/or related companies will not be held liable for any kind of damages caused by the services provided by third parties through the Portal and, particularly, including but not limited to: i) infringement of copyrights, intellectual or industrial property rights; ii) violation of the law, moral or public order; iii) illegal, misleading or unfair advertising; iv) violation of one’s right to honor, privacy and image, their own or a third-party.
v) lack of accuracy or veracity of the contents; vi) transmission of virus; vii) failure to meet, due any cause, the obligations contracted by third parties and, therefore, they may not be held responsible of such.

2.1.3. The user will meet the Terms and Conditions of the Portal, as well as any other additional condition established by the Portal.

2.1.4. LIMA WEB FEST does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the Portal’s operation. When reasonably possible, LIMA WEB FEST will previously warn about interruptions to the Portal’s operation. LIMA WEB FEST does not guarantee the usage of the Portal for any particular activity, or its infallibility and, in particular but not exclusively, that the Users may effectively use the Portal, access the different websites or sections that make up the Portal.

2.1.5. LIMA WEB FEST holds no liability for any kind of damages due to the lack of availability or continuity to the Portal’s operation; to the Users’ disappointment to the Portal’s utility and the services; to the Portal’s fallibility; and in particular but not exclusively, to the faults in access to the different websites or sections of the Portal.

2.1.6. LIMA WEB FEST does not control or guarantee, therefore, is not held responsible for the presence of virus and other elements in the Portal that may alter the User’s computer system (software and hardware) or electronic documents and files stored in the User’s computer system.

2.1.7. It is of LIMA WEB FEST interest to be a source of information with entertainment, current and interesting content for the Users. However, LIMA WEB FEST cannot guarantee that such content is free from errors or inaccuracies, in which case clarifications or corrections may be requested. LIMA WEB FEST cannot also guarantee that the Portal’s content may be sufficient and/or useful for the User.
2.1.8. LIMA WEB FEST does not guarantee, and therefore is not responsible for, the legality, reliability, accuracy, thoroughness, actuality and utility of the Users’ opinion columns and/or opinions or contents included in the Portal.

2.1.9. Limitation of liability. In no case will LIMA WEB FEST, its directors, employees or agents, will be responsible before the Users or other third parties for any kind of damage, including loss of benefits or information from the Portal’s usage or its services, the platform’s applications, the Portal’s content or other materials accessed or downloaded through the Portal, even when LIMA WEB FEST knows about or has been warned about the possibility of such damage.

2.1.10. These Terms and Conditions have been set in accordance with the Peruvian laws. Any action or claim should be done before the Peruvian Courts.

2.2 User Registry and Participation

In order to perform certain activities within the Portal and/or use some of its services, the User must register directly in the Portal or through the authorized platforms. In any of such cases, LIMA WEB FEST will store the User’s personal information in its database according to the Privacy Policy.
By their registration in any of the aforementioned media, the User accepts:
(i) To provide true, updated and complete information about themselves as it may be requested by any of the registration forms in the Portal (hereinafter, “Enrollment information”);
(ii) To keep safety and identification;
(iii) To keep and constantly update the Enrollment information and any other information provided to LIMA WEB FEST;
(iv) To hold liable for everything stated in their enrollment; and
(v) To commit not to create multiple enrollments with third party information.

By entering the Portal and to guarantee the correct use thereof, the User must meet the following requirements: (i) To comply with the Code of Ethics, the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy, as well as any other condition stated in this Portal; (ii) To be held liable for any activity performed under their registry; (iii) Not to abuse, stalk, threat or intimidate other users of the Portal, whether by chats, forums, blogs or any other participation space; (iv) Not to use the Portal as a mean to develop illegal or unauthorized activities in Peru or any other country; (v) To be the sole responsible by their behavior and the content of texts, graphics, photographs, videos or any other type of information used or that they include in the Portal; (vi) To use the Portal only and exclusively for personal use. Any use for corporative or collective benefit is forbidden; (vii) To refrain from sending spam to other Users of the website; it is forbidden to pass on virus or any destructive code; (viii) To refrain from accessing, and in their case, to use other Users’ accounts and modify and tamper messages; (ix) They must not register more than one User account, register a User account on behalf of someone else or register a User account on behalf a group or entity; (x) To impersonate an individual or entity, to make false statements or provide false information about them, their age or relationship to any individual or entity, (xi) Not to upload, post, transmit, share, store or provide content that constitutes, encourages or provides instructions to commit a crime, that infringes a third party right, results in liability or violates any local, state, national or international law; (xii) To refrain from uploading, publishing, transmitting, sharing, storing or providing content that, according to LIMA WEB FEST, it is questionable or that restricts or prevents the use or enjoyment of the Portal by other people, or that may expose LIMA WEB FEST or their Users to damages or liabilities of any kind. As long as these behaviors are forbidden at the Portal, LIMA WEB FEST will not be held liable for its compliance and the User will hold them harmless for every aspect.

The access and/or use of the Portal imputes to the User the condition of such, who accepts from the aforementioned access and/or use the Terms and Conditions, the Code of Ethics and the Privacy Policy stated herein. This Portal is intended for Users over 18 years old. The registration at the Portal, its use or its access by minors is not authorized and constitutes a violation of these Terms and Conditions.
By using the Portal, the User states and guarantees they are 18 years old or older and accepts and undertakes to complying with all the Terms and Conditions, the Code of Ethics and the Privacy Policy stated herein.

2.3. Mobile services

The Portal includes certain services available through the mobile phone, such as; (i) the ability to comment or share opinions to the Portal’s contents by the User’s mobile phone; (ii) the ability to explore the Portal from the User’s mobile phone; and (iii) the ability to access certain functions of the Portal by a mobile app downloaded and installed in the phone by the User (collectively called the “Mobile Services”).
It is possible that other fees such as the usual fees charged by the mobile phone provider for sending texts and using mobile data are applicable. We recommend checking with the mobile phone provider about their available plans and their cost. Furthermore, to download, install or use certain Mobile Services may be forbidden in your provider and it is possible that some of these services do not work with certain providers or mobile devices. Therefore, the User should find out with its provider if their Mobile Services are available for their mobile device and if there are restrictions that may affect their use. By using the Mobile Services, the User agrees that LIMA WEB FEST can get in touch with them to discuss about matters regarding the Portal and other entities, by SMS, MMS, text messages or any other electronic media sent to their mobile device; they also accept that we are told certain information about their use of the Mobile Services.

2.4. Offers, contests and events

The offers, contests, draws and events published in the Portal will be subject to the rules and conditions set by LIMA WEB FEST in each occasion, being the minimum requirement for the User to access such opportunities and commercial benefits that they are dully registered as a User of the Portal. LIMA WEB FEST is not responsible for any type of damage, whether moral, physical, material or any other kind, that may be considered associated to the registered User’s receipt of any kind of gift sent by LIMA WEB FEST. Likewise, LIMA WEB FEST will not be responsible for the consequences possibly caused by entering the Portal and/or attending to any event and/or meeting published in the Portal. The User acknowledges that LIMA WEB FEST does not take any responsibility for any advertiser and/or provider of the services offered in the Portal, being understood that LIMA WEB FEST is not responsible for the quality or delivery of products or services posted in this website. Therefore, it will not be responsible for any problem, complaint or claim made by the Users by matters appertaining such products and/or services. Each offer, contest or event promoted by or done in the Portal will be subject to the rules indicated for such, for which those participating in such will adhere to what is stipulated therein.

2.5 Forums, Blogs, Chats, Comments and other participation spaces

The User acknowledges that their participation in any forum, chat, comment, blog and/or any other participation space in the Portal or its social media will be done under their sole responsibility, for which they will be of legal age, and that likewise, other Users in such spaces are solely responsible for their opinions and/or actions and/or behaviors, for which LIMA WEB FEST is not held liable nor guarantees the quality or appropriateness of such behaviors or opinions, or the consequences these may entail, in favor and/or against other Users or third parties. In particular, the Users shall take into account the recommendations included in the Portal aimed at promoting an appropriate coexistence and participation in such participation spaces. The design, handling, purpose and characteristics of the different participation spaces of the Portal is discretionary of LIMA WEB FEST, with the power to change and/or delete them, and/or determine the quantity of participants admitted in each of those spaces.

2.6 Guiding principles and recommendations for healthy participation in the activities and services of the Portal and its social media

This guide must be read closely and regularly by the Users interested in participating in the Portal activities and services and its social media. Participating in forums, chats, comments and other similar participation spaces in the Portal (hereinafter, the “Spaces”) imply the acceptance and understanding by the User of the Portal Terms and Conditions, as well as the irrevocable commitment of each User to respect such Terms and Conditions, being understood and agreed that they hold LIMA WEB FEST harmless from any liability arising from failure to meet such commitment, which includes damages caused to other Users and/or any third parties affected. If a User does not agree with these Terms and Conditions, LIMA WEB FEST suggests not participating in the Portal and/or its spaces. The User understands that, through the Portal, and active and free participation, communication and expression is encouraged in the Users, to the extent permitted by law and the Constitution. Likewise, the User understands and accepts that the full interest of LIMA WEB FEST and the community in general is that the Portal be a friendly, pacific mean with a healthy coexistence and participation; therefore, both LIMA WEB FEST and the Users community expects from each User a behavior allowing this purpose, for which every User is committed to do so solely with their access to the Portal. Each user accepts and authorizes expressly and irrevocably LIMA WEB FEST to review the comments or opinions shared in the Spaces; and/or to delete the ones that do not conform to the Code of Ethics stated in the Terms and Conditions of the Portal, as well as to interrupt the communication if deemed convenient for such reasons. Likewise, LIMA WEB FEST reserves the right to exercise such power when it is deemed convenient, at its discretion, without this being the cause to hold LIMA WEB FEST liable for not exercising the power and/or for the existence, access, participation of unwanted Users and/or comments or opinions that do not conform to these recommendations. Taking into account that the comments and opinions shared in the forums, comments and blogs will not come from LIMA WEB FEST but from entirely external Users and third parties, LIMA WEB FEST is not responsible for such neither agrees or disagrees with such, being understood that they exclusively come from their author, and they are fully responsible for them. LIMA WEB FEST understands those sharing each of the comments, messages, opinions, information or similar texts in the Spaces are their only authors. Likewise, it is absolutely forbidden to enter comments, messages, opinions, information or similar texts of defamatory, abusive, immoral or indecent, discriminative, offensive, obscene, intimidating, slanderous, inappropriate, illegal content, or that infringes third party rights of any kind, including minors’ rights, that causes damages or prevents a User’s own right or a third party’s right to use the Spaces and other chapters of the website, that constitutes a crime or a glorification of a crime and/or encourages violence and/or the commission of crimes. It is also forbidden to advertise products and/or services of any type in the Spaces, or to use or send virus, or to deviate from the subjects proposed in the forums. In the event that this type of comments, messages, opinions, information or similar texts is entered in the Spaces, the Users accept expressly and unconditionally that LIMA WEB FEST, its employees, providers or advertisers WILL NOT be responsible in any way for the any kind of consequences and scope the aforementioned texts may generate, against any third party, whether pursuant to their inclusion in the Spaces or by any cause related directly or indirectly with their use. Likewise, LIMA WEB FEST, its directors, executives, employees, providers or advertisers WILL NOT be responsible in any way in the event the comments, information, messages, opinions or similar texts are affected by, deleted, altered or modified in any way. The Users will refrain from initiating any action or claim against LIMA WEB FEST associated to or derived from the information, content, opinion or comment entered by another User and/or a third party external to LIMA WEB FEST, with the acceptance of the Users that such actions or claims may only be initiated against their direct responsible party, for which they must promote the pertinent legal actions, under the legal proceedings to that effect. LIMA WEB FEST may refrain from providing the information available about the alleged perpetrator when at its discretion such information is protected by the confidentiality offered to the Users, in which case, the provision will be subject to the competent authority’s request. LIMA WEB FEST, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to exclude from the Spaces such Users that do not abide by these rules or that do not respect the basic principles of a healthy coexistence. Likewise, they reserve the right to interrupt and/or delete and/or exclude, fully or partially, in every case, any message, opinion, information or similar text not adjusting to or that breaches the rules and/or the aforementioned principles. LIMA WEB FEST assumes that each User undertakes to comply with and respect these rules and that they assume all kinds of consequences that their misuse may cause. This is assumed before LIMA WEB FEST and any third party.

3. Code of Ethics

Behavioral guide for participation spaces in the Portal and its social media. By entering the LIMA WEB FEST participation spaces in their official websites, the User undertakes to comply with and respect the following rules:
(i) To interact respectfully and politely. Critics and opinions are welcome as long as they are done with respect; (ii) Not to post content that infringes upon other people’s integrity, including minors; (iii) Not to abuse, stalk, threaten or intimidate other users whether by comments, chats, forums, blogs or any other participation space; (iv) To use appropriate and respectful language and in no way offensive; (v) To be responsible for any activity done under your registration; (vi) Not to use the participation spaces of the LIMA WEB FEST official sites as a mean to perform illegal or unauthorized activities, in Peru or any other country; (vii) Not to use the participation spaces of the LIMA WEB FEST official sites as a mean to perform commercial activities; (viii) Not to use the LIMA WEB FEST official sites as a mean to spread spam (also called junk, spam are the unwanted, unrequested or unknown sender messages, usually of an advertising nature, generally sent in large quantities that harm the recipient in one or more ways); (ix) Not to use the participation spaces of the LIMA WEB FEST official sites to create, store or transmit material infringing LIMA WEB FEST copyrights, their brand or any other intellectual property rights; (x) Not to use the information posted in the LIMA WEB FEST official sites to resell, modify or redistribute any of the services provided by LIMA WEB FEST, our contractors or licensees, without our previous consent in writing; (xi) Not to post or share any racist, xenophobic or pornographic content or advertisement, or any content glorifying terrorism or that threatens human rights;

4. Privacy Policy


Has developed policies and proceedings to set the principles and fundamental basis over which the Treatment of personal data will be done, which can be also seen in this link. https://limawebfest.com/en/privacy-policy

5. Applicable Law

These Terms and Conditions, as well as the Privacy Policy and the Treatment and Use of Information Policy will abide by and be construed according to the legislation of the Republic of Peru.