14-16th SEP, 2021


Beyond the party: co-production and commercialization

Around the connections that a web series festival generates, through the exchange of experiences and knowledge of diverse points of view around audiovisual creation, there is also a suitable space to generate alliances around content production. Beyond cultures and borders, there is a shared interest in producing.

Here we present two success stories: “Lote Haus” and “Liga da Mata”, and the important Korean participation in both productions.

Moderator: Luis Felipe Alvarado (LWF)


Let the king pass

Streaming or audiovisual content transmitted through “on demand” platforms has established itself as one of the forms of entertainment with the greatest expansion in recent years. It should be noted, however, that, without content, streaming would have no reason to exist. Therefore, at the Lima Web Fest, we believe that today, content is King.

It’s the time of the creators! We will talk about some success stories and the possibilities for new filmmakers.

Moderator: Luis Felipe Alvarado (LWF)


Ready for take off

Among the most consumed audiovisual content platforms worldwide, such as Netflix and Disney +, there is an increasingly important offer of channels that distribute and exhibit series and audiovisual material developed for them, exclusively for them. Learn more about emerging platforms; those that are at the forefront of innovation and multi-channel exhibition.

Streaming and new platforms are closer than you think.

Moderator: Jaime Muro (LWF)


From the Flintstones to Rick & Morty

From Fantasmagorie, the first animation film in history, up to the present time, the content and animation techniques have evolved both in quality and in their themes. Due to its critical nature, generally full of black humor, animation counts thousands of proposals that also include an adult audience.

What is the current state of the activity and what is its future projection? We will find out here.

Moderator: Claudia Olivares (TLS-LWF)


The bargaining chip in the digital age

NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are digital assets. It is the new reference value for internet transactions, in the same way that gold is for current currencies. Before, tangible assets were given value, today intangible assets are those that are gaining ground. Are cryptocurrencies the new monetary review for the exchange of goods on the web? Pieces of art and design are negotiated having this as the unit of payment.

The “crypto” are leading a revolution in the way of understanding the digital business. Learn how.

Moderator: Ricardo Martín Vargas (TLS)


Director’s Selection

With more than 800 projects registered in this edition of the Lima Web Fest, the variety of audiovisual products is immense. Due to their characteristics, several of these works do not fit into the categories that we recognize. However, for their quality and special qualities in terms of narrative and aesthetics, we have selected some of these works to be appreciated by the public.

Discover the audiovisual narrative from all over the world.

Greetings and Welcome festivals friends

The Lima Web Fest is within the circuit of the main and most important web series festivals in the world. Our alliance with friendly festivals, with whom we share networking, presentations, and promote the work of audiovisual artists, is one of the values ​​that our festival has.

In this space, we want to recognize our worldwide partnerships, sharing experiences with some of the directors of our friendly festivals.

Welcome to the party!

Moderator: Luis Felipe Alvarado (LWF)


Women in the audiovisual business

The Worldwide Audiovisual Women’s Association, an entity that groups and promotes active networking among its associates, as well as reinforces the role of women in the development of the audiovisual industry, is also present at the Lima Web Fest.

They are here to encourage filmmakers, marketers, and producers around the world to share experiences and reinforce the empowerment of women in the industry. Welcome!

Moderator: Jaime Muro (LWF)


Latin America and webseries

The development and expansion of audiovisual content for the web went almost unnoticed until not many years ago. The enthusiasm of young filmmakers who began to produce independently quickly consolidated. Alien to the status quo, (the one determined by the direct relationship between a producer and the director) new productions have become a healthy trend, until today, becoming an alternative for creators.

Latin America knew how to respond to the challenge. Here is a review of how it started and what is to come in Latin America around this activity.

Moderator: Luis Felipe Alvarado (LWF)


Of gamers and videogames

Video games is an industry that moves thousands of millions of dollars throughout the world. How are the benefits shared by those involved in it? Producers, filmmakers, and marketers, are they the only “winners”? What is the participation of gamers in this gigantic entertainment dynamic?

I play, you play, do we all win?

Moderator: Renzo Guido (TLS-LWF)


From tiktokers and influencers: a look at their impact on audiovisual narrative

Social networks have a great impact on personal relationships, especially for those who are younger. This determines the consumption of entertainment content, basically through mobile devices. “Tiktokers”, and before the “Youtubers”, monopolize the tune of the youth audience in search of views and “likes”.

How does this business work? Will it have an impact on narratives in traditional formats and supports such as cinema or series? Is this influence already present?

Moderator: Jaime Muro (LWF)


Director’s Selection

We continue to share audiovisual content from much of the world; works that are not in competition, but have a high quality standard, which are well worth being seen by our audience. Fans, students, producers and interested parties are all invited to this second feature work of the “Director’s Selection”.

Pitching, storytelling and other herbs

The Lima Web Fest has set aside this space to bring together filmmakers with those who are looking for original content. How to develop a winning project? Creators with an idea developed or to be developed, receiving advice to design a powerful and successful project.

Sign up as soon as possible!

Moderator: Giuseppe Pacheco (LWF)


Our juries have added prestige to our event. Thanks to them, the best works in Animation, Videogames and Web Series have been recognized.

This is a very special place where we appreciate the participation of this group of international experts.

Thanks to all of them for being part of the Lima Web Fest 2021.

Moderator: Luis Felipe Alvarado (LWF)


This year we gather to celebrate the best in digital entertainment in a virtual space. A different way to be together and share a great night.

On the red carpet we will receive the distinguished guests of the gala. We will know the expectations of some nominees, the comments of our juries, Directors of partner festivals, professors and executives of Toulouse Lautrec, and other special personalities.

The time to recognize the best of this 2021 has arrived.

Each category will be announced with excitement and received with great expectation by a worldwide audience.

It is also the moment to give special recognition to a highly acclaimed lady in the audiovisual and acting world of Peru: our beloved first actress Yvonne Frayssinet.

Let’s live the emotions of this fantastic night together. Let’s live the end of the Lima Web Fest 2021 party.

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